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Our mission is not only to write great software. We are also very communicative and like exchanging experiences and knowledge with other developers. Take a look at what conferences we attend and meet us there.

JUG Poznań meeting

  • Title: Not so obvious GWT features
  • Author: Dominik Zalewski
  • Abstract: Ever wondered how to get your hands clean off Javascript, stay in Java and write software that runs in the browser? Three years ago I started asking myself that same question. This lead me to Google Web Toolkit. In this presentation I will try to show you GWT features that are not that popular, but turned out to be very useful for my customers.

COMMON Poland Spring 2010

  • Title: Performance of applications storing XML in relational database
  • Author: Dominik Zalewski
  • Abstract: Couple of years ago, support for XML in relational databases came out on the market. At the beginning it was just a slogan for database manufacturers to say my database supports XML. This is because their support usually was done by putting unparsed XML data into CLOB or BLOB field. But database operations is not only inserting data, it’s also data selection. Having this in mind, the problem of XQuery performance started to be a significant one.
    The lecture will be based on my experiences when implementing a reporting system for a company that outsources SAP. I will show business requirements that drove us towards the use of XML in database. I will also dive into performance considerations for this sort of applications. The comparison will be for DB2 LUW and Oracle. Thanks to this, you will know who truly supports XML and who uses this as a slogan.

COMMON Poland Winter 2009

  • Title: IBM Toolbox for Java
  • Author: Dominik Zalewski
  • Abstract: The lecture is devoted to people who already know how to do CL scripts and would like to transfer their knowledge into Java. The following topics will be covered:
    • why would I like to learn Java when I already know how to do the same in CL?
    • how to configure my environment to use Java on IBM i?
    • how to start writing simple programs in Java on IBM i?
      • message creation
      • changing user profile
      • running the program on IBM i and remotely

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