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The solution we provide is not a webpage. It has all the advantages of a standalone (installable) application, only you do not need to install it. The key feature of every standalone application is the ability to work offline. We were able to accomplish the same. Therefore, you do not need to worry about poor internet connection during your conference.

Scan this QR code with your phone or check live demo using your desktop computer here.

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Below you will find detailed description how this feature works.

  • Settings: go to settings screen icon.
  • Offline: turn offline mode on or off.
  • Clear cache: clear offline data – to save phone space for instance.
  • Synchro: popup showing that the synchronization is in progress. On most modern phones downloading the data for offline does not take longer than 30 seconds. On desktop browsers you will not even notice.

To be able to use application offline, you need to go to the Settings page and turn offline mode on. When the synchronization is finished, you can switch your phone into airplane mode to simulate lack of network and test the application offline.

The feature we use to make it possible to work offline is called Web SQL. It is not available on all browsers. However, on most modern phones it is implemented. Here is the list of browsers that we know to support this feature (if your phone/browser is not on that list it does not mean that you will not be able to work offline).

  • Opera, Opera Mobile
  • Android Browser
  • Safari (on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Windows)
  • Google Chrome
  • other WebKit based browsers like Bolt on BlackBerry
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