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Mobile Agenda Developer

genijusz, an innovative company specialized in developing mobile web applications, is hiring

Java developers

for Mobile Agenda – a tool for conferences that runs on any browser and any platform.

You are interested how we work? We are developing mobile applications using Google Web Toolkit using the latest available goodies from HTML5 like Application Cache and Offline Storage. We care about all browsers that GWT supports, ie. Firefox, different Webkit ports like Chrome or Safari, Opera and (yes, we weep) Internet Explorer, not only on the desktop but most of all on devices. We are spending a lot of time making sure the code works on iPhone, Android, Nokia Lumia, Blackberry and others.

From the data perspective, you are looking at fans of DB2 LUW. You have to be aware of the fact that we utilize WebSQL, so SQLite is also in our weapon arsenal. We believe in social networking, so integration with OpenID services like the ones on Google or Facebook accounts is our priority.

There is another tool that we love. This one allows us to keep the code healthy and work as a team. Its name is Rational Team Concert.

Here’s what we expect from you. First of all, after reading the above you need to feel like this position is crafted especially for you. You need to love the browser world and cannot be afraid of small devices that stick out of everyone’s pockets. You need to have at least a couple of years experience in Java, otherwise you’ll be overwhelmed with multiplicity of new technologies involved. We expect that you will be able to work full time and to show up daily in our Poznań office.

If you feel interested, please send your resume to office@genijusz.com.

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