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Landing page

Amaze your participants with the wealth of functionality available in the application. Each of them is easily available with a single click. The core like the calendar and session descriptions are always available – even off-line. You can extend your landing page with additional functionalities available on-line.

Scan this QR code with your phone or check live demo using your desktop computer here.

QR Code

Below you will find detailed specification of each screen element.

We are able to put almost anything on the landing page. Here is the list of elements that we provide out of the box.

  • Logo: promote your conference by providing a custom logo on landing page.
  • Settings: access to advanced settings. Synchronizing for offline usage is available there.
  • Schedule: handy link to go to the calendar.
  • Sessions: handy link to go to session list.
  • Live: if you are broadcasting your conference live.
  • News: once you setup a bulletin page.
  • Survey: feedback from your participants.

We found it handy to have the ability to embed any webpage you want. You can have any number of additional icons that link to pages developed by you or third party. The only requirement is that they need to look nice on a smartphone.

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