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Who trusted us

Open Seminar on Acoustics

Taking place on: 10-14 September 2012


Took place on: 30 May – 1 June 2012

Congress of Polish Statistics

Number of participants: 600+
Took place on: 18-20 April 2012
Original letter here (in polish)

We would very much like to thank for the engagement genijusz has shown during the organization of the Congress of Polish Statistics. This Congress was held to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Polish Statistical Association and was under the honorary patronage of the President of Republic of Poland, Bronisław Komorowski.

In particular, we would like to thank for creating Mobile Agenda for the Congress of Polish Statistics, that was taking place in Poznań on the 18-20th of April 2012. Mobile Agenda created by genijusz made an important impact on Congress organization. It allowed our guests to easily plan their participation. Moreover, it made the schedule of Congress look tidy and clean.

The organizers of Congress of Polish Statistics would like to express their thankfulness for the whole genijusz team, in particular for Dominik Zalewski. We appreciate the level of service provided, starting with the initial blueprint and continuing with reading between the lines what our needs are. The team was very flexible when reacting to frequent change requests we had. We could always rely on their valuable suggestions resulting from very broad experience.

It is our honour to recommend genijusz to everyone that requires the highest level of services. They were acknowledged not only by the Organizing Comitee but also by over six hundred guests and participants from Poland and abroad. Mobile Agenda has met their expectations and was praised for its simplicity and usefulness.

One more time I would like to thank genijusz for the effort they took to help us celebrate the anniversary of polish statistic.

Professor Elżbieta Gołata
Chair of Organizing Comitee


Number of participants: 6000+
Took place on: 23-25 March 2012
Original letter here

I am the coordinator of Pyrkon 2012 fantasy and sci-fi convention in Poznań. I have worked with Genijusz.com on Pyrkon’s 2012 IT project. Genijusz.com supported us with the mobile online version of our agenda.

All the times I found contact with Genijusz.com to be professional and responsive. There was no problem with adjusting both our applications to work together caring about the difference in character between Pyrkon and other conferences.

Anna Brożyna

Forum IT

Number of participants: 700+
Took place on: 6 February 2012


Number of participants: 100+
Took place on: 6-9 November 2011
Original letter here

It goes without saying that using Mobile Agenda from genijusz on our conference was a great success for the organization. Not only the participants felt that they have office desk in front of them all the time, but also we as the organizers noticed, that we can focus on real issues, instead of answering the same questions all the time.

We also discovered another great benefit of using modern technology that Mobile Agenda provides. Because of the fact that it is so well integrated with QR codes, we were able to improve speaker recognition by offering participants a social game during our welcome party. The next day everyone knew each other and nobody was shy to ask a famous speaker for advice even if the problem revealed became trivial during the conversation.

To my best knowledge, there is currently no better product on the market that is able to compete with Mobile Agenda from genijusz. I would really encourage people organizing events or conferences to get it. It opens a whole new room of possibilities.

Waldemar Puk
President of COMMON Poland

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